[Soekris] Appreciate some hardware suggestions

Chris Boot bootc at bootc.net
Thu Oct 7 14:13:45 UTC 2004

Hi Patrick,

I'm planning on doing something similar with my net4801. Without a hard 
drive you can certainly do the firewalling, QoS, and VPN at least.

I'm going to be using a hard drive and slowly adding more and more to it 
and seeing how it copes. My plans for now:
 - Firewall (IPv4 and IPv6)
 - BIND nameserver
 - ISC DHCP server
 - radvd

Then I'm thinking of adding:
 - OpenLDAP server
 - CUPS / gimp-print print server
 - Postfix + Courier IMAP + Amavisd-new + ClamAV + SpamAssassin

I have my doubts about the mail system working on it with the other 
stuff I'm planning, and I'm certainly keeping my Apache web server off 
it, since it just won't cope with 128 MB of RAM!

And regarding the Sangoma ADSL card, I had a conversation with someone 
at Sangoma who read a previous message of mine on the list (sorry, I 
lost the email and forgot your name!). Apperently it will work in the 
net4801 but not others, and it definitely won't fit in the net4801 case, 
you would have to make your own. Only low-profile (maybe slightly 
larger, but I wouldn't push it) PCI card will fit in the case.

Hope this helps,

Patrick wrote:

>New to the list and Soekris. Someone on the #asterisk channel suggested
>I have a look at Soekris so here I am. I am looking for a small, silent
>box which will run Linux and serve as a:
>* firewall
>* QoS router
>* VPN server (mostly only one link)
>* mail server (postfix and an anti-spam & anti-virus solution based
>  on something like clamav, amavisd, dspam, spamassassin)
>* IMAP server
>* web server (low volume, mostly private use & webmail)
>* SIP proxy server
>It needs a harddisk to store email and support for the Sangoma S518 PCI
>ADSL card (http://www.sangoma.com/products/p_s518adsl-specs.htm) would
>be very nice.
>Is this possible with e.g. the net4801 (enough power)? If not, I was
>told that a 1GHz Celeron is in the pipeline. Could that be the solution?
>While I am at it, anyone have any success using one of the Soekris boxes
>with Asterisk, the Open Source VoIP PBX (www.asterisk.org)?
>Thanks and regards,
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