[Soekris] 4521 linux wdt support is still broke

mike-soekris@tiedyenetworks.com mike-soekris at tiedyenetworks.com
Sat Feb 21 23:31:38 UTC 2004


	I'm still trying to figure out why the watchdog doesn't work on my 
4521 under linux. I have a 4511 and the watchdog works great, but when I 
pull the cf card and install it in the 4521, the watchdog doesn't work. I tried the 
bios suggestion and have 1.23a on the 4521 and that didn't help. I then 
searched the web for this problem, no dice, and decided to call soren 
(thanks again) who suggested that this problem came up last year and had 
to do with GP ECHO mode in the elan, and that this was a fixed issue in 
freebsd. I think I found a reference to this at http://wleiden.webweaving.org:8080/svn/node-config/factory/trunk/soekris/watchdog/
but I can't get to the original email mentioned here. 

	Using the patch mentioned here, I coded up a similar fix for the 
sc520_wdt linux driver that turns off gp echo mode before writing to the wdt in the same 
way the bsd driver does, but this doesn't appear to fix the problem 
either. I've looked at amd's site and the elan 520 users guide and others, 
and have also looked for erata sheets that mention the wdt but there 
doesn't seem to be anything. The author of the freebsd patch claims in the 
comments that gp echo mode masks the wdt and that's why his patch turns it 
off during a wdt reset but again, no other source I can find mentions 

	Unless I'm screwed and my writeb() calls aren't working, I'm out 
of things to try at this point. Does anyone have any further ideas?


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