[Soekris] DOS on net4501

Lewis Bergman lbergman at wtxs.net
Wed Aug 25 12:16:57 UTC 2004

>Chuck Yerkes wrote:
>>Quoting Lewis Bergman (lbergman at wtxs.net):
>>>I have a small dos app used to buffer serial input from a satilite, 
>>>filter it, then shove it out to a paging terminal. I also have a net4501 
>>>with a blown eth0. The two seem made for each other. Does anyone know 
>>>how to get DOS running on a net4501?
>I might try booting freedos on a machine with the CF in a laptop slot or
>in an IDE-CF adapter.
>You'll note too, that you REALLY want to use the second serial port, not
>the console for serial stuff.
I *must* have two serial ports. Does that mean I should forget about the 
net4501 and use something else?

I currently use a generic IBM compatable on a floppy and it works fine. 
When I make an image of that floppy on a CF the 4501 appears to boot but 
the program dowesn't pass traffic from one port to the other.

Is your suggestion to find a board with two serial ports beside the 
console port? I guess because the console messages are still comming 
across the port? I have read a little about this on the list but hadn't 
really considered the implications.

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