[Soekris] GRUB terminal emulation?

Jordan Share jshare at krotus.com
Sat Aug 21 01:08:11 UTC 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> Jordan Share wrote:
>> This wackiness also occurs with other bootloaders that use the console 
>> (e.g. pxelinux and lilo).
> I'm now experiencing the same problem with PXELINUX :-) Adding "SERIAL 0 
> 19200" to the config file hasn't cured the problem yet, though.

There is no real fix for that, other than fixing PXELINUX.

Dave Johnson has a version of pxelinux that he hacked to only output to serial:

I use his pxelinux.0 renamed to soekpxe.0 in my /tftpboot directory.  Then in 
the stanza for the soekris box, I tell it a different filename option from our 
standard one, thusly:

host soekris1 {
	hardware ethernet 00:00:24:c2:85:78;
	filename "soekpxe.0";

I've found this to be fairly workable.


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