[Soekris] OpenBSD on Soekris

Chris Cappuccio chris at nmedia.net
Mon Apr 26 07:52:29 UTC 2004

Nicholas Lee [nic-lists at plumtree.co.nz] wrote:
> I thinking now that a method based on flashboot, with the just
> networking core (enough for direct accessibility) and kernel in the
> ramdisk.
> You'd keep these things seperate so you could do updates of the
> applications without having to replace the kernel or reboot.

You are kidding, right?? I mean, april 1st is already past.....

The ramdisk (whether it is kernel ramdisk or mount_mfs) is loaded up _after_
the kernel boots.  Anything you change on the ramdisk obviously disappears
after you reboot.  

While it might be nice to have your binaries up into a ramdisk to test
changes, it is simply a fancy way to test things out.  

I would really recommend doing your testing on non-production systems
where you don't really have to worry about these types of things.

For upgrading, when your test systems are in a usuable state with current
software, then you can roll out further test and production images with
flashboot: http://www.mindrot.org/flashboot.html if you want something that
can be easily, remotely upgraded in one swoop.  

I might make a version of flashdist that steals pieces of flashboot one
of these days :)

"When time is measured in 'Internet years' -- when the pace is this
unbelievably fast -- you don't need to kill the competition. All you need is
to buy some time for yourself."  -- John Chambers

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