[Soekris] CF Card Oddity

Chuck Yerkes chuck+soekris at 2004.snew.com
Sun Apr 25 18:50:54 UTC 2004

Quoting clif (clif at eugeneweb.com):
> Lawrence,
> Ah so it's not just me. ;-) Ya know a while back there was talk about
> posting a list of CF brands known to work on the Soekris site, and when I
> asked where is that list? Someone wrote back saying that there was no
> point anymore because you would be hard pressed to find cards that don't
> work.

Well, no.  There's no point because these are mainly cheap, commodity
items that change from month to month and size to size.

A 64MB device may be entirely different than the same brand 256MB
device.  And a camera will never notice.

More, Vikings, which worked well for me, are different now. Not
that they don't work - I don't know.  But they changed vendors.

Recall too that the "hearts" are not made by SANdisk or Lexar or
these folks.  There are a couple large chip makers who supply these
guys with their hardware.  Casings and stickers are added, but
the internals come from elsewhere.  If MyCompany can save $50 per
100,000 with VendorB, MyCompany might change to VendorB.

So lists are moot without dates and hard details about the internals.
Some Lexars work.  Bought in 2/2004.  Depending on size.
not too helpful.

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