[Soekris] OpenBSD on Soekris

Stuart Henderson stu at spacehopper.org
Thu Apr 22 01:40:37 UTC 2004

> -Have at least the following functionality:
>   +IPSEC
>   +pf (nat/stateful packet filtering)
>   +PPPoE client
>   +DHCP client/server
>   +Split horizon DNS server
>   +ssh server
>   +ftp proxy
>   +bridging and routing

As your list of projects shows, everyone seems to want to work in a
different way! I think the toolkit of flashdist+nsh works very well for
many people as it's referenced in many of these projects (and nsh is
useful on more than just embedded systems - it's quite a simple way of
configuring the network on any OpenBSD boxes).

I think many people would appreciate any time spent on items from the
nsh TODO list (I know I appreciate the time and effort that Chris and
opensoekris people have spent on it so far). A number of the things you
would like to do are either on TODO or already present.

Having said that: there probably is room in the "market" for a small
OpenBSD image suitable for dd'ing to a flashcard since the boot loader
should now be able to cope. Keep it below about 12mb and you can place
it along with an installer onto a ramdisk kernel for pxe boots (clues
present at http://256.com/gray/docs/soekris/)...

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