[Soekris] OpenBSD on Soekris

Charles Toepoel monowall at toepoel.net
Wed Apr 21 21:34:30 UTC 2004

Hi Brad,

Looks good, if I had any coding experience I would love to help you. 
Currently I have a net4501 running m0n0wall. http://m0n0.ch/wall . It 
has almost everything you mentioned in your list.......



Brad Guillory wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am interesting rolling my own OpenBSD distribution to run on Soekris 
> net4501 (and other small hardware).  You may be thinking to yourself 
> -- great, just want we need, another set of scripts to make a tiny 
> OpenBSD image.  Well as far as I can tell what I want to do has not 
> been done before.  Presently these are my design goals (subject to 
> change and negotiable).
> -Boot from a 128MB CF Card (smaller is also good).
> -Mount a read-only filesystem on the CF Card for everything but /var
> -MFS for /var (symlink /tmp to /var/tmp) and /dev
> -Have a r/w filesystem to store configuration bits (think /etc/pf.conf 
> and ssh host keys) (perhaps make this fs MSDOS)
> -Leverage as much existing work as possible
> -Easy for maintainers to track OpenBSD's current or stabile branches
> -Easy for sysadmins/prototypers to customize to their needs
> -Utilize the watchdog timer in some useful way
> -Open Source and BSD Licensed
> -Have at least the following functionality:
>   +IPSEC
>   +pf (nat/stateful packet filtering)
>   +PPPoE client
>   +DHCP client/server
>   +Split horizon DNS server
>   +ssh server
>   +ftp proxy
>   +bridging and routing
> So far I have looked at the following projects:
>   flashdist (http://www.nmedia.net/~chris/soekris/)
>   Soekris Router Project (http://glozer.net/soekris/soekris.html)
>   CompactBSD (http://sourceforge.net/projects/compactbsd)
>   OpenSoekris (http://opensoekris.sourceforge.net/)
>   Flashboot (http://www.mindrot.org/flashboot.html)
>   emBSD (http://embsd.sourceforge.net/)
> If you are interested in this project in any way please drop me a 
> note.  I would really appreciate some input in the design phase, there 
> is a lot of experience out there that I would love to tap into it now 
> and save the headache down the road.  I should have a web site to 
> facilitate collaboration soon at http://nolab.org/soekris; until then 
> I will try to hang out on EFNET #fireBox.
> Thanks for your time,
> Brad Guillory
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