[Soekris] Net4801, 256mb CF, 10gb IDE laptop drive

Alexandre Belloni abelloni at nerim.net
Mon Apr 5 21:11:43 UTC 2004

On Mon, Apr 05, 2004 at 12:12:23PM -0400, Jesse Charbneau wrote :
> So it seems
> to me (not that that means anything  :), that whenever I transfer files from
> the IDE device to the CF card, something is happening regarding the bus(Could
> it be a swap issue???).  I saw an update to the BIOS (I'm using 1.23).  Are the
> changes made to the BIOS for this type of issue?  My intention is to boot from
> the CF(using ramdisk) and then mount the IDE device .  Has anyone experience
> this?

I have experienced hangs when accessing MBR or when transfering files
while booting on a HD. This didn't happen wtih OpenBSD 3.3, since 3.4,
OepnBSD is aware of the IDE chipset and then it tries to enable DMA. It
seems it hangs when trying to downgrade DMA. To solve this issue, I just
disabled DMA in the kernel.

# config -e -f /bsd
ukc> change wd*
 34 wd* at wdc0|wdc1|wdc*|wdc*|pciide* channel -1 flags 0x0
change [n] y
channel [-1] ? 
flags [0x0] ? 0xfffc
 34 wd* changed
 34 wd* at wdc0|wdc1|wdc*|wdc*|pciide* channel -1 flags 0xfffc
ukc> change pciide*    
 78 pciide* at pci* dev -1 function -1 flags 0x0
change [n] y
dev [-1] ? 
function [-1] ? 
flags [0x0] ? 0xfffc
 78 pciide* changed
 78 pciide* at pci* dev -1 function -1 flags 0xfffc
ukc> quit
# reboot

your system should not hang but HD access will be much sloooooooower.

Alexandre Belloni
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