[Soekris] httpd fun and games (Net4801 and OBSD 3.4)

Camiel Dobbelaar cd at sentia.nl
Mon Apr 5 08:31:29 UTC 2004

On Sun, 4 Apr 2004, Peter Curran wrote:
> I have just spent (wasted ?) several hours trying to get httpd running on a 
> new 4801.
> I discovered that httpd (apache 1.3.x) simply did not start - it claimed to, 
> but there are no httpd processes running and no errors in any logs.  Running 
> it in the foreground with -F produces identical results.  V. Frustrating.
> Just for the record, does anybody know what is missing from Chris' kernel 
> config that would prevent httd running?

If I recall correctly you need this:
option          SYSVMSG         # System V-like message queues
option          SYSVSEM         # System V-like semaphores
option          SYSVSHM         # System V-like memory sharing


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