[Soekris] Soekris MADWIFI driver

Jason Romo jromo at networkguardian.net
Thu Apr 1 14:45:55 UTC 2004

This might a little of topic, but it is on a Net 4801.  I have a Net4801
running on 2.6.0 kernel.  I am using the Aires 5354 802.11a/b/g combo card
with the Madwifi driver.  I think I have a hardware problem but I am unsure
of where.  I have two soekris boxes setup in AD-HOC mode with WEP.  I have
tested the images on two boxes and it works in the lab.  The problem  I am
having is the link is not working in production.  I see the connection is up
good signals.  But in my arp table no MAC, it shows incomplete.  So errors
show in ifconfig (error and frames).  I think it is a bad mini-pci card.

Has anyone experienced this?

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