[Soekris] Updating BIOS on 4501

Charles E. Hill chill at herber-hill.com
Fri Oct 31 05:23:41 UTC 2003

I seem to be having a problem updating the BIOS on my 4501.

I am connected via the serial console, using Minicom 2.0.0 on Linux at 19200, 
8N1.  My current BIOS is 1.15

Everything seems to work fine (other than CF booting).

I type "download" into the monitor and it tells me to send with my terminal 

I start an Xmodem transfer with Minicom -- it gets most of the way through 
(variable number of dots) and quits with the error "Error receiving file, 

Any suggestions?  The unit doesn't seem to like going much faster than 19,200.  
I've tried 9600 with the same results.
Charles E. Hill
Technical Director
Herber-Hill LLC

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