[Soekris] Comprehensive CF list?

Lawrence Teo lteo_list at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 31 04:15:33 UTC 2003

David Young wrote:
>On Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 07:18:34PM -0800, Charles E. Hill wrote:
>>Has anyone put together a comprehensive (or at least, decent length) list 
>>of CF cards and their compatibility with the Soekris boxes?
>>I have a PNY 256 Mb (Toshiba OEM) card that constantly tells me "Read 
>>Error" -- but not "Bad Magic", which is caused by improper geometry 
>It would be nice if the Soekris firmware was fixed so that it boots all
>the same CompactFlash cards that even very old desktop PCs will boot. It
>is costly and/or time-consuming to select "sure-thing" CF cards for
>Soekris boards.
>I have a CF card that I will donate to the cause.

Has anyone tested whether a Lexar Media 256MB CF card will boot with a 
net4801 on OpenBSD?

I gathered on the list archives that SanDisk seems to be the "sure-thing" CF 
card that boots right now. Is this true or are there any other alternatives?

I'm new to the list and would really appreciate your feedback.


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