[Soekris] Booting from USB cdrom?

Jason Romo jromo at networkguardian.net
Fri Oct 24 07:06:40 UTC 2003

Okay I am using a hard drive 20 - 80 gig hard drive.  I have about 1.3 GIG
of os and software on the development system.  I need to find an easy way to
create a ghost,dd image of the box via the network or external DVD burner
(usb). The final size will be about 500MB. We currently use ghost over a
network for 1u servers and laptops.  I thought I might be able to create a
compact flash image that would load ghost and the usb drivers and away I
could go.  Or I would load an image that would allow me to backup/load the
hard drive from the network.  If the device will run dos, I think it can be
done.  Has any one tried? I know you have to change a few things on the
ghost cd to mount a samba drive on Linux.  I have this information if anyone
needs it.

I hope this clears up what I am trying to do.

Any ideas! I am willing to help and share anything I can get working.  A
fast deployment/backup method could help us all.  Maybe this will be a
chance to work on some good old dos


On 10/22/03 7:35 PM, "Chuck Yerkes" <chuck+soekris at 2003.snew.com> wrote:
> Quoting Jason Romo (jromo at networkguardian.net):
>> If not I am trying to find an easy way to backup or duplicate the data on
>> the ATA drive.

> I have a little "Cigar" USB key thing (flash, tiny, 128MB) that plugs
> into all the unixes I've tried that shows up as a disk.
> rsync/tar/dump 
>>  I tried copying a ghost floppy onto a cf card but it will
>> not boot.  I am trying to keep from opening the case.
> Wait, you're trying to copy ONTO a flash... no, you gotta open
> it, afaik.
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