[Soekris] [Newbie Question] PCI on 4501 wrong way around?

Frank Marien frank at marien.org
Wed Oct 22 14:54:22 UTC 2003

Dear Soekris & Friends,

(Feel free to direct me to FAQ where appropriate)

I just got my first 4501, with box. Trying to connect PCI (not: mini-)
cards I find that they fit perfectly, up to the fixation hole in the
cards aligning perfectly with the single free threaded fixation-nut
embedded in the bottom of the case. Even the connectors would stick out
exactly through the case, if there were holes there.

Only: The PCI connector seems to orient cards towards the other side of
the case.. Even if I could plug it in that way (and I can't because of
component height on that side of the card), nothing would fit anymore.

I'm somewhat puzzled. Is the reversed connector simply part of a
different physical PCI (sub)spec? What the exact standard called?

Or is the case simply not designed to accomodate PCI cards? And in that
case: why is there room for it, and why would everything seem to fit so
perfectly, then?

Right. I'm new at this.


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