[Soekris] Dummynet and 4521

Michael Sierchio kudzu at tenebras.com
Mon Oct 13 21:23:20 UTC 2003

Neilson Henriques wrote:
> Hello ! 
>     I'm in trouble with dummynet and 4521. The shapping speed specified in 
>     ipfw config bw command isn't accurate. I got 150 kbytes/s if I set a 128kbps
>     speed limit for example. 
>     I don't know if does make a difference but I compiled my kernel with the 
>     following options: 
>     options CLK_USE_I8254_CALIBRATION
>     options CPU_ELAN
>     options HZ=250


Failure to read and follow directions.  Try `man dummynet` for
discussion of HZ and other topics.  Also, you didn't post
your pipe/queue rules, so as much as it would entertain me to
speculate wildly about their correctness, it won't help you any.

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