[Soekris] heat-related CRASH -- 2.5" HD on net4801

Michael Sierchio kudzu at tenebras.com
Mon Oct 6 23:37:09 UTC 2003

Chuck Yerkes wrote:

> The case has proven great for a no-moving-parts box that the 45x1's
> have been.  The AMD 486 generates little heat for an Intel designed
> CPU.

No argument here.

> The 4801 has a faster (hotter?) chip.
> Now you're putting a drive into it.  Most laptop drives that
> I deal with are 4200 RPM.  I hesitate to put a faster one
> in my laptop because of.... HEAT.  Heat bad.  For you,
> perhaps the stock case isn't enough anymore.

I'm suspecting it isn't good for anybody -- my guess is that
the expected failure rate for any 2.5" HD will shoot up in
that environment.  The ambient temp was 55 deg F, BTW.

> The LONG term solution might just be a hole in one end and
> a slot in the other for some horizontally oriented fan.

Hey, a fan is just another moving part.  I suspect that *any*
airflow at all (thermosiphoning) would alleviate the problem.

Anyone remember MacChimney?

> Heat bad.  Moving parts make heat.

Yep.  Maybe the 1U rackmount case will be better.  Meanwhile,
I'll run with the case off (my guess is that the HD is about
40-50 deg F cooler now).

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