[Soekris] How can I get a signal to the outside world?

Yann Ramin atrus at atrustrivalie.org
Mon Oct 6 16:03:40 UTC 2003

I don't know if the error LED can source enough current to run a relay,
but if you were to place any random NPN transistor before a relay (tied to
the Soekris' +5VDC), you should be able to pull this off.


Is a +3VDC relay. There are quite a few +5VDC ones for not much money on

And maybe when lightning strikes, you light up one of these:


Or maybe not. :)

>> On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 08:53:22AM -0500, Curtis V. Schleich wrote:
>> > Here is my plan:  I've got a 4521 that rode out a lightning strike.
>> The power input does not work, but feeding it with POE works fine.
>> PCMCIA sockets are toast.  I want to use this as a "babysitter"
>> board for a
> system
>> > I've got in a pretty inaccessible place.  I'm using wisp-dist (but
>> not married to it...) I need to be able to trip a small relay to
>> interrupt
> 12VDC
>> > power to another 4521 for a few seconds.  I'm basically going to use
>> a
> ping
>> > test to see if the other soekris is connected to the head-end via
>> the
> 802.11
>> > card.  If it is not, I want to reboot the other (baby-sat) soekris
> board.
>> >
>> > I've fiddled around to the point that I've got error led control,
>> and I
> can
>> > use that if someone can point me to a relay with a 1-2 VDC coil, or
>> a circuit diagram that will allow that 2VDC signal to control a
>> 12VDC
> supply
>> > voltage.  I've been working that angle with no luck.  The other idea
>> is
> to
>> > use the GPIO pins, but I've not found a driver for linux (kernel
>> version 2.4.20, and I can compile if someone can get me source).  My
>> last resort will be to remove console from COM1, and use it, but I'd
>> prefer to avoid that approach if possible, mainly because of the
>> boot sequence and the resulting scenario of having no console (I'm
>> not even sure I can do that...).
>> >
>> > Anyway, any input will be greatly appreciated.  I'll be glad to
>> share
> any
>> > resulting working system with the list.
>> >
>> > Thanks, all!
>> >
>> > Curtis V. Schleich,
>> > CCA and CCAonline,
>> > cvslist (at) ccaonline (dot) com
>> >
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