[Soekris] Additional mini-PCI slots

Jason Floyd jasonfloyd at speakeasy.net
Wed Oct 1 19:32:40 UTC 2003

If you use a soekris with a PCI slot you could possibly use the PCI -> 4
MiniPCI card.. 


--Jason Floyd

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Is there any way to increase the number of mini-PCI slots on a soekris

There seems to be a move in the wireless LAN world away from PC-Card towards
mini-PCI as the interface of choice, particularly if you want external
connectors. The 4521 has 2 PC-Card slots but only 1 mini-PCI, and I wondered
if there is any way to get more than 1 mini-PCI slot - the more I can get
the happier I'd be.

Can this be done with some type of extension board, or is it more involved
than that ? If it's more involved a simple explanation of the problem would
be really appreciated.

I think the boards are great and buy a lot of them, but looking a few months
forward the limitation of only 1 mini-PCI slot is going to be a really big
issue for me.


Tony Wright.

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