[Soekris] openbsd 3.3 on net4501 - crashing daily

Michael michael at winterland.dhs.org
Wed Oct 1 02:52:28 UTC 2003

I've had my openbsd 3.3 router on a soekris net4501 working flawlessly, then
suddenly the past several days, every day, it has crashed at some point
during the night or day because when I'm at work I cant connect to my home
network until I get home and reboot the net4501.

I have the syslog being sent to another network pc, and there is nothing in
there to indicate a problem.  This time however I left a serial console
logged in, and when I came home today I had this message :

kernel: page fault trap, code=0
Stopped at      _priq_getqstats+0x671:  cmpl    $0x1,0xc(%edx)

So... anyone have any ideas ?   is it a hardware problem or should I try
reinstalling bsd ?  do these soekris boards come with any kind of warranty
if it is a hardware thing, I just got it about a month ago :(

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