[Soekris] Re: Comprehensive CF list?

neal rauhauser neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Sat Nov 29 13:17:28 UTC 2003

  I just got my first Soekris 4511 a few days ago and I've been 
wrestling with CF issues.

   I've been working with a Promaster 64 meg flash and I'm using the 
OpenSoekris script to create the image for the system. The Promaster is 
recognized as a Samsung part and this is where the mystery beings.

   The OpenSoekris flashdist script assumes a 64 meg module is a SanDisk 
SDCFB-64 with 8x490x32 geometry. The reported geometry using fdisk on my 
Redhat 9.0 laptop is 8x496x32, and the 4511 detects the CF on boot as 
being 16x248x32. I've tried all three of these geometries and I still 
get 'read error' when I try to load an OS. From this message I take it 
that 'bad magic' would indicate geometry errors and this 'read error' 
might mean the CF is completely unuseable with the 4511?

   Sticking to my rule that no experimental unix box should cost more 
than $30 I obtained a PIII/700 with 192 meg of ram and a 12 gig HD to 
replace my previous P166 for OBSD development. I got this so I could try 
a direct write to my USB CF reader and it looks like it needs a BIOS 
upgrade before USB will function. We'll see how this goes ...

   What should my next step be? Do I need a ATA style CF adapter rather 
than this USB thing? Do I need a different brand of CF than the 

--- snippet from flashdist.sh ---
>># SanDisk SDCFB-64
             totalsize=126977        # "total sectors:"
             bytessec=512            # "bytes/sector:"
             sectorstrack=32         # "sectors/track:"
             sectorscylinder=512     # "sectors/cylinder:"
             trackscylinder=16        # "tracks/cylinder:"
             cylinders=248           # "cylinders:"

>>>Has anyone put together a comprehensive (or at least, decent length) list of
>>>CF cards and their compatibility with the Soekris boxes?
>>>I have a PNY 256 Mb (Toshiba OEM) card that constantly tells me "Read Error"
>>>-- but not "Bad Magic", which is caused by improper geometry settings.
>>I have finished a major overhaul of the comBIOS IDE disk code, and it
>>should now support a larger range of flash, and especially the "read
>>errors" on net4801's should be gone.... All nonworking CF modules I had
>>here now works.
>>Off course, you still need to ensure the correct geometry settings.
>>I just need to do a little more testing, both the new net45xx and
>>net4801 versions will then be posted on the soekris website site no
>>later than Saturday Nov. 1.
>>Soren Kristensen
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