[Soekris] Re: Comprehensive CF list?

Lawrence Teo lteo_list at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 30 04:29:20 UTC 2003

If it helps, I've managed to boot a Lexar Media 256MB CF card using
the 1.22 BIOS (OpenBSD 3.4 on a net4801). I haven't heard anyone
mention the Lexar Media card on the list yet, so it's probably
rare enough for us to assume that other CF cards will also boot.

Haven't tested it extensively though.


clif wrote:
>So you're saying that I can buy the cheapest CF cards and I won't have any
>problems booting, R/W, etc?
>	Clif
>On Sat, 29 Nov 2003, Wim Vandeputte wrote:
>>with the 1.22 BIOS upgrade, it seems all of the CF I ever tried work, so 
>>is little use for that list now
>>On Sat, Nov 29, 2003 at 12:44:59PM -0800, clif wrote:
>>>Hi Guys,
>>>Did this list ever get posted? I keep looking but haven't found it yet.
>>>	Thanks,
>>>	Clif
>>>>Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 20:16:17 -0800
>>>>From: Soren Kristensen <soren at soekris.com>
>>>>Organization: Soekris Engineering
>>>>To: "Charles E. Hill" <chill at herber-hill.com>
>>>>CC: soekris-tech at lists.soekris.com
>>>>Subject: Re: [Soekris] Comprehensive CF list?
>>>>Hi Charles & Everybody,
>>>>Charles E. Hill wrote:
>>>>>Has anyone put together a comprehensive (or at least, decent length) 
>>>>>list of
>>>>>CF cards and their compatibility with the Soekris boxes?
>>>>>I have a PNY 256 Mb (Toshiba OEM) card that constantly tells me "Read 
>>>>>-- but not "Bad Magic", which is caused by improper geometry settings.
>>>>I have finished a major overhaul of the comBIOS IDE disk code, and it
>>>>should now support a larger range of flash, and especially the "read
>>>>errors" on net4801's should be gone.... All nonworking CF modules I had
>>>>here now works.
>>>>Off course, you still need to ensure the correct geometry settings.
>>>>I just need to do a little more testing, both the new net45xx and
>>>>net4801 versions will then be posted on the soekris website site no
>>>>later than Saturday Nov. 1.
>>>>Soren Kristensen

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