[Soekris] VPN1201 - free for OS developer

Mike Tancsa mike at sentex.net
Wed Nov 26 18:27:55 UTC 2003

I too have a number of these cards and all except 1 work great and offer a 
noticeable improvement in speed and reduction in CPU on FreeBSD 4.8 and up. 
Perhaps the unit you got is defective ? The unit that I am having problems 
is on a shared interrupt. Perhaps the card has problems with that or is 
just bad?

% grep "irq 10" /var/run/dmesg.boot
agp0: <Intel 82845G (845G GMCH) SVGA controller> mem 
0xea400000-0xea47ffff,0xe0000000-0xe7ffffff irq 10 at device 2.0 on pci0
uhci0: <Intel 82801DB (ICH4) USB controller USB-A> port 0xd800-0xd81f irq 
10 at device 29.0 on pci0
hifn0 mem 0xe9802000-0xe9802fff,0xe9801000-0xe9801fff irq 10 at device 0.0 
on pci1
% vmstat -i
interrupt                   total       rate
mux irq10                     113          0
fxp0 irq11              112059512        106
mux irq15                 1531652          1
sio0 irq4                     206          0
clk irq0                105145661         99
rtc irq8                134586332        127
Total                   353323476        336

I have transferred several gig over ssh using 3des, yet it doesnt seem to 
be using the hifn

% sysctl -xA hw.hifn
hw.hifn.stats: Format:S,hifn_stats Length:76 
hw.hifn.maxbatch: 1

The other end which sends to the above server
backup2% sysctl -Ax hw.hifn
hw.hifn.stats: Format:S,hifn_stats Length:76 
hw.hifn.maxbatch: 1

looks appropriately busy in comparison.... But it too is on a shared interrupt

backup2% grep "irq 12" /var/run/dmesg.boot
hifn0 mem 0xfa000000-0xfa000fff,0xfa800000-0xfa800fff irq 12 at device 15.0 
on pci0
dc3: <Intel 21143 10/100BaseTX> port 0x7800-0x787f mem 
0xf8000000-0xf80003ff irq 12 at device 7.0 on pci2


At 01:03 PM 26/11/2003, Sam Leffler wrote:
>On Tuesday 25 November 2003 01:56 am, neal rauhauser wrote:
> >    I have a spare VPN1201 I bought for eval purposes - FBSD support
> > stinks in 4.8/4.9 & 5.1 and it wouldn't work at all with any of my
> > hardware, but works just fine with an out of the box OBSD 3.3
> > installation. My actual deploys are going to be NET4511, some with
> > VPN1211, so this thing is just a small, ineffective paperweight for me now.
> >
>Funny, you've said this several places but provided no details.  I've seen no
>issues with the vnp1201 cards I've got.  In all my (published) benchmarks
>fbsd outperforms obsd on crypto and ipsec performance by 30-100%.
> >    I've offered it to donations at freebsd.org and go no response - figured
> > I might get better results here. If you're a genuine kernel crypto
> > contributor for any of the BSD projects or Linux and you're interested
> > shoot me a note. There is a DHL office just down the road so
> > international shipping would not be a problem.
>Odd again, I know at least one person that requested the card.  Are you
>perhaps just trolling?
>         Sam
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