[Soekris] wd100 watchdog on Soekris 4801

Dave Johnson dave-soekris-mailinglist at centerclick.org
Fri Nov 21 23:14:03 UTC 2003

Tim Gardner writes:
> Kianusch,
> What is the secret to getting the SC1100 watchdog to do something? I have 
> verified that the driver is stroking registers when you write something to 
> /dev/watchdog, e.g.,
> echo "1" > /dev/watchdog
> The unit should reboot shortly thereafter. I've been through the SC100 
> programmer reference and can find nothing wrong with the driver code. I'm 
> using a stock 2.4.22 kernel with the Net4801 patch applied (PCI bus scan, 
> Geode processor selection, and wd100 watchdog driver). 
> Any hints would be appreciated.

The version floating around disables the watchdog by default when you
close the device.  You can sysctl it to keep running on close.

I've made a few modifications to make the driver a bit more useful:


wd1100.c file is there now, I'll make an appropriate patch in a bit.

It has the following modifications:

* default timeout increased to 60 seconds
* watchdog is started on init so you have 60 seconds from when the
  kernel loads (assuming you aren't using it as a module) to startup
  watchdog daemon.
* useful printk()'s to show settings and when device is opened/closed


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