[Soekris] Re: soekris-tech digest, Vol 1 #382 - 6 msgs

Ron Watkins soekris-tech at malor.com
Wed Nov 19 03:58:46 UTC 2003

> I have a problem creating an image for my Soekris, but involves OpenBSD
> and vmware.  So I thought I would test the waters here first, I hope no
> one minds :-)

I tried to do something similar, and also failed, but for (perhaps??) a
different reason.  I installed and ran OpenBSD just fine under VMWare; it
worked perfectly.  (I am using 4.05; I think you are a bit downrevved.)   I
even transferred the image back and forth between two separate VMWare
installations on different machines, one running on Mandrake Linux and one
on XP, and it appeared to work exactly as it should on both machines.  But I
was unable to get a working CF image.  Everything seemed to go just fine
(well, just fine after the usual struggles with poorly-documented utilities,
anyway :) ), but after booting Linux over NFS and using 'dd' to write the
image file off the NFS server, the card wouldn't boot: it came back with
"read error".  It looked like the OpenBSD boot program started, but was then
unable to locate the kernel.   My only clue is that the comBIOS reported the
980/16/32 drive as "LBA": I'm not sure if LBA applies to drives under 1024
cyls.  Linux claimed the real geometry and the BIOS geometry were both
980/16/32, so that might be a false lead.

My next plan was to work out how to get OpenBSD booted over NFS, but right
about then, my existing firewall started to lose its hard drive, so I gave
up on OpenBSD for lack of time and just installed Debian instead.  I think I
may buy another of these boxes to try again... I really like them!  I'm sure
I can come up with some use for it even if I'm too dumb to get OpenBSD
working.  :)

BTW, two general questions for the list.  Does anyone know if Linux has yet
been patched for the exactly-64K DMA transfer bug in the SC1100 on the 2.5"
IDE port?   And second, does anyone have a clue on general availability on
the VPN14X1 boards?   I'm not in a dire rush or anything, I'm just trying to
get a very rough timeframe  (ie, days, weeks, months), and perhaps a rough
estimate of cost.  I won't hold anyone to anything. :-)



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