[Soekris] Sourcing a DWL-520 or similar

Vince Vielhaber vev at michvhf.com
Tue Nov 18 20:32:25 UTC 2003

On Tue, 18 Nov 2003, Busto, Eric M wrote:

> Does anyone know where I can find a DWL-520 that will work with my
> net4501?  As I understand it, the later model DWL-520 uses a different
> chipset (TI as opposed to prism 2.5?) that either doesn't work with the
> net4501, or will work but not in HOSTAP mode.
> So.. I'm trying to locate a place where I can buy a DWL-520 with the
> prism 2.5 chipset so I can make my net4501 a neato access point.
> Alternatively, are there any other PCI wireless cards that people are
> having great success with?  If so, where can I purchase one?

The + cards (520+, 650+) use the TI chipset, the only changes I've
ever heard to the 520 is that it may have an Atheros chipset instead
of Prism.  Both the Atheros and the Prism will do HOSTAP mode.  But I
could be wrong..

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