[Soekris] cf write and boot issues, sandisk imagemate

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Sun Nov 16 05:10:19 UTC 2003

Lawrence Teo said:
> I'm not an expert in this, but I've managed to burn a Lexar Media 256MB CF
> card using the SanDisk ImageMate CF model SDDR-91 with OpenBSD 3.4. Two
> things you might want to try are:
> - Leave the CF reader plugged in and restart your OpenBSD system. (See
> http://mongers.org/openbsd/sandisk_cf )
> - Use the CVS version of OpenSoekris.

Interestingly, I took my 256 MB CF stick back and traded it in for a 128
MB capacity unit. OpenSoekris now writes correctly to the CF and my
net4521 correctly boots from it. I have no need to boot with sd0 present,
I can simply attach/detach and insert/remove as often as I please on an
already booted system just fine. So that's good.

My only thought is that the 256 MB section I inserted into the scripts may
have defined a bad geometry or something, but I can't figure that that
would have caused the trouble it did. Any other ideas?

As it is now, 128 MB should leave me enough room to do whatever I need to ;)

Thanks all


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