[Soekris] cf write and boot issues, sandisk imagemate

Lawrence Teo lteo_list at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 16 02:20:12 UTC 2003

I'm not an expert in this, but I've managed to burn a Lexar Media 256MB CF 
card using the SanDisk ImageMate CF model SDDR-91 with OpenBSD 3.4. Two 
things you might want to try are:

- Leave the CF reader plugged in and restart your OpenBSD system. (See 
http://mongers.org/openbsd/sandisk_cf )

- Use the CVS version of OpenSoekris.

Hope it helps,

Sancho2k.net Lists wrote:
>I'm trying to get started using opensoekris for my net4521 and am having 
>some problems using the CF disk and reader/writer device (Sandisk ImageMate 
>CF model # SDDR-91 with a 256 MB CF disk). Are these supported items? 
>Here's a portion of the dmesg showing the device attachment:
>umass0 at uhub0 port 2 configuration 1 interface 0
>umass0: SanDisk ImageMate CF, rev 2.00/1.19, addr 2
>umass0: using SCSI over BBB-P
>scsibus2 at umass0: 2 targets
>sd0 at scsibus2 targ 1 lun 0: <Generic, STORAGE DEVICE, 0119> SCSI0
>0/direct removable
>sd0: mode sense (4) returned nonsense; using fictitious geometry
>sd0: 245MB, 245 cyl, 64 head, 32 sec, 512 bytes/sec, 501760 sec total
>I am (apparently) able to successfully create an image file to write to the 
>CF but can't get a clean write. Trying to write to CF on OpenBSD 3.3-stable 
>causes timeout errors like in this post: 
>If I try to cat the image to the CF in OpenBSD, use 'dd', or let 
>opensoekris.sh use its native disk write methodology, it eventually times 
>out and the disk access light on the reader will freeze amber colored. I 
>have tried writing to the disk from Linux (2.4.20 kernel) and the same 
>thing occurs. It seems that part of the image is written because my net4521 
>will begin to boot and partway through (after detection of PCMCIA cards) it 
>stops with "warning: /dev/console error 20".
>Here's the disk geometries I came up with with the help of 
># 256Meg CF
>totalsize=501760        # "total sectors:"
>bytessec=512            # "bytes/sector:"
>sectorstrack=32         # "sectors/track:"
>sectorscylinder=2048    # "sectors/cylinder:"
>trackscylinder=64       # "tracks/cylinder:"
>cylinders=245           # "cylinders:"
>Can someone help me determine if my difficulties are because of 
>incompatible/bad hardware, bad image, or something else?

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