[Soekris] (no subject)

Jim Shankland jas at shankland.org
Sat Nov 15 17:03:42 UTC 2003

> I am looking for some info on the 802.3af PoE standard,
> specifically how I might use this with a Soekris net4521.  Does
> this standard mean that one or both Ethernet ports onboard the
> net4521 will accept DC voltage on the spare pairs, in place of
> using a standard AC adapter connection?

Whatever you do, don't apply DC on the second Ethernet port
(the one farther from the serial connector); every time I plug
into that one by mistake, the board starts to smoke (!).  I'm
using a rather muscular 48 VDC, 400 mA 3Com power injector,
with a 3 ft. line (for development at my desk), but I can't imagine
the results would be that much better even with 12 VDC.

The first Ethernet port (closer to the serial connector) can be
used to power the board just fine.


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