[Soekris] pxelinux patch for use on 4801

Dave Johnson dave-soekris-mailinglist at centerclick.org
Thu Nov 13 05:19:17 UTC 2003

Hi everyone,

Just got my 4801 and ran into a small problem booting via pxelinux.

When pxelinux executes it thinks the 4801 has a VGA console as well as
a serial console.  It proceeds to output loads of control characters
to the serial port on the 4801 thinking it's the VGA console.

I'm not sure if other people have seen this, but I ended up modifying
pxelinux to only output characters to what it thinks is the serial
console and ignoring VGA console all together.

If someone has a better solution please post.

Patch and precompiled syslinux-2.06 with patch is at:



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