[Soekris] 4801 openbsd internal disk help

Simon Lok scl at lok.com
Mon Nov 10 22:39:59 UTC 2003


Has anybody gotten openbsd 3.4 to boot
off of the internal disk?  I managed to
get an install to make it to completion 
by using pxegrub, etc., on a copy of
3.4 -stable I built using another box,
but I ran into a number of problems. 

First the disk size was not recognized
properly, so I used the 'b' option in
disklabel to mess with it and make that
work better with some slightly
better results.  If I make and slices
greater than 1 GB, the newfs fails,
but I can get past that point by not using
so much of the disk.

Once the installation completes, the
machine can be halted.  On the
next boot, I get the dreaded 
Using Partition 3 ... message.


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