[Soekris] Need a kernel for 4801

Chuck Yerkes chuck+soekris at 2003.snew.com
Mon Nov 10 16:21:40 UTC 2003

Quoting Falcor (falcor at netassassin.com):
> I would like to use my 4801 as a fireall.  Would love to use M0n0wall, 
> but they have not recieved a unit to compile a kernel with yet.  What 
> kernel are the rest of you running, and does anyone have a source 
> (Website, ftp, etc) for a good BSD kernel for the 4801?  I don't have a 
> bsd server in the house, so I have no way of compiling my own right now.

Fix that problem then.  You will be happy to have a (small) freebsd
box.  400MB is plenty of space.  It will make maintaince easier
for you.  Really.  My habit is to use old 535MB SCSI drives for
the OS's I don't use often.   Little pain, much gain.

That said, a GENERIC FreeBSD kernel will function.  It won't
be super tiny, but then, you have 128MB of RAM and perhaps a disk.
I ran huge database servers on far less not too long ago.

manuel:  Great that you'll have one (I just made a kernel for a friend
without a 4801 - your kernel with extra stuff added to make it work
on 4801 and 4501).

Is there a "makefile" or something you have to build an image?  Some
way to make it easy to perhaps build a bloated image with extras
that I'm playing with?

(I need FreeBSD for atheros support now and am moving the production
box from openbsd).

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