[Soekris] net4801 error led

Michael Schulze fry26 at genion.de
Mon Nov 10 11:19:26 UTC 2003

thanks to whoever invented linebreaks and to o2 for their awesome webmail 
frontend ;)
Sorry abou that last mail. Now the human readable form.

Hi list,

last night I hacked a linux driver for the net4801 error led by ripping off 
the net4501 errorled_driver found at http://www.blurbco.com/~gork/net4501/

The result can be found at
(Version "I have no idea if this is done correctly but it seems to work")

I successfully tested it with linux-2.6-test9 although the kernel complained 
about deprecated use of MOD_INC_USE (or something similar), so it needs a 
little bit of work (see TODO section).

The driver can be built against a 2.6 kernel by creating a makefile with
obj-m := errorled_control.o
in it and call: 
make -C /usr/src/linux SUBDIRS=$PWD V=1 modules

have fun

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