[Soekris] 4801 and NetGate 802.11a/b/g

Jason Romo jromo at networkguardian.net
Sun Nov 9 04:47:07 UTC 2003

Has anyone tried 802.11b on the combo card?  Is it a little more stable?  I
am looking to do a deployment.  It sounds like the 802.11g Madwifi driver is
not ready for the big time yet.  If you just use the 802.11b does it
increase the stability?


On 11/8/03 5:51 PM, "Sam Leffler" <sam at errno.com> wrote:

> On Saturday 08 November 2003 12:10 pm, John Bellardo wrote:
>> Jason,
>> On Nov 8, 2003, at 10:51 AM, Jason Romo wrote:
>>> Has anyone tried to use the Netgate 802.11a/b/g combo mini-pci card as
>>> an
>>> AP?  Looking to setup the Net 4801 as an AP.  Found the Madwifi
>>> drivers and
>>> can't confirm if it supports AP mode. I have found vytek.com that has
>>> software for it but it is not opensource.  I would rather have an
>>> opensource
>>> solution.
>>> Any links or information would be appreciated.
>> I have a 4801 with the Netgate a/b/g setup as an AP in my lab.  I'm
>> using the madwifi driver, and it has work reasonably well so far.  It
>> still has some rough edges though.  For example, last time I tried
>> using g mode it wasn't working.  The other annoying feature of the
>> netgate card is the four antenna jacks (2 each for a and b/g).
>> Basically, you need to decide which frequency range you want to use
>> before you deploy your AP.  Switching typically requires changing where
>> the pigtails are plugged in to the wireless card.  The most
>> inconvenient aspect of the 4801 so far has been the soekris enclosure.
>> It doesn't have holes for the pigtails, so you have to add your own.  I
>> can get reasonable throughput with the setup.  Typically 20-25 mbps
>> using .a (in a "clean" environment) as measured by netperf's TCP stream
>> test.
> 11g required an addition to the HAL to set the slot time.  That's just been
> added so there should be 11g support soon.  Regardless, it does have some
> rough edges for 5212-based cards.
> Sam

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