[Soekris] Supported Mini-PCI cards under wdist-2003-05-19(2591)?

Jay Doscher jay at doscher.net
Fri May 30 20:58:01 UTC 2003


I am new to WISP-Dist and was wondering if anyone knew the status of
supported mini-pci cards under the 2003-05-19(2591) release of
WISP-Dist.  If I'm on the wrong list, please let me know.  I recently
purchased a net4511 from Soekris and a 180mw Prism-II mini-pci card from
netgate.  WISP-Dist doesn't seem to recognize it.  I've looked through
the WISP docs and don't see any hints there or on google.  Do I need to
load custom or updated drivers, if so, is there an faq or doc that
covers it?

Can someone point me in the right direction, or is it known to be



Netgate mini-pci card:

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