[Soekris] Newbie question

David Kelly dkelly at WarningSystems.com
Thu May 29 19:15:01 UTC 2003

On Thursday, May 29, 2003, at 12:56 PM, Edwin Gonzalez wrote:

> Hello all
> I recently wrote the monowall image to my CF,
> put the CF in my soekris 4501 I powered it up.
> When it powers up the error light blinks for little bit then
> goes away.  I was wondering if it's possible to serial in using a
> rollover eth cable with 2 serial adapters?

What is a "rollover"?

"eth" is ethernet?

You want to use ethernet cables for a serial connection?

I went to my Friendly Local Mom & Pop PC Shop 
(http://www.gigaparts.com/) and said, "Gimme a null-modem DB9 female to 
female serial cable." Made in China. About $6. Works great on the 
standard Soekris external serial connector.

Digging at another local computer surplus store I bought a serial 
pigtail for $1 or $2. There are two different ways commonly used to 
wire these things. The 2nd serial port on the net4501 is wired properly 
to use insulation-displacement crimp-on connectors with ribbon cable. 
In other words, crimp a 2x5 10 pin 100 mil connector on one end then 
pin 1 on the cable goes to pin 1 on the DB9 but cable wire 2 goes to 6, 
cable wire 3 goes to 2, smoothly across like that alternating 

On the external connector you should be able to watch the BIOS do its 
thing at boot. If monowall has a login getty on /dev/ttyd0  then you 
should be able to get in on the external connector. If a getty is on 
/dev/ttyd1 you can use the internal connector with the above pigtail.

Soekris defaults to 19,200 baud, FreeBSD defaults to 9600. You might 
have to switch gears when the BIOS hands things over to FreeBSD.

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