[Soekris] Fact Finding Mission

Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Thu May 29 08:00:04 UTC 2003

RTS wrote:

>I am looking at purchasing the net4521 board with NL-2511 Plus EXT2 netcard
>and the WISP-dist software.
>Our ISP is looking to use this as the main access point for multiple
>Our setup would be something like the following:
>The Ethernet port would have a valid IP address back to our switch.
>The 2511 card would assign 192.168.xxx.xxx address to our client units.
>The clients would use this same hardware setup.
>The clients would have their Ethernet port would use 10.xxx.xxx.xxx
>addresses for the internal lan.
>I didn't find a solid answer to this problem.  Maybe someone is willing to
>rehash this issue.
>Problem... How do we keep unwanted users off of the wireless??  How do we
>authenticate valid clients??  Even if we don't use DHCP, if someone finds
>our ip address range we are using they could just use one of those ip's in
>their own wireless setup.
>We currently have a radius server setup for our normal dial-in users, our
>dsl is controlled by assigning and hard coding their firewalls with a valid
>ip address.  (no dhcp for this setup)
>Thanks for the information and look forwarding to experimenting.
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See http://nocat.net for a captive portal solution. Then take a look at 
http://nycwireless.net/pebble for a read-only linux distro that runs off 
a CF card and does (among other things) Nocat.



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