[Soekris] DB9 <-> DB9 crossover pinout?

soekris@mikemee.com soekris at mikemee.com
Mon May 26 01:21:11 UTC 2003

Can someone please point me at a description of a cross-over cable that
works nicely
between a Soekris and PC?  I've got a bunch of DB-9 females and some 4
conductor multi-strand telephone cable and I'm hoping that I can rig
something with that. I'll double up the cable if need be, though
obviously if I can jump some pins on each side that would be nice too -
e.g. I vaguely recall jumped CTS to DTS in the old CP/M days worked
nicely but its been a while!. I won't be downloading over this cable,
just usual console stuff.

Yes, this is ugly, but should suffice.

thanks in advance.... michael

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