[Soekris] Radius circus.

Mike Machado mike at innercite.com
Fri May 23 18:32:04 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-05-22 at 17:39, Martin Jessa wrote:
> Did you also manage to make throttling work?

No, never tried, but I have worked with the HTB QoS module before. It
works great for both throttling and prioritization.. That might be a bit
tricky because it works on the IP level and not the ppp/username level,
so you will have to work out figuring out which user got which IP.

> It's also importand to me to make it possible to give some of the users more bandtwith then the others based on either group restrictions or individual usernames.
> What administration/user interface do you use for your setup?

Right now we do not have one, but you could use the interface
(radius.cgi) from our RADIUS server: IC-RADIUS
(http://radius.innercite.com), which also works with the rlm_sql module
I wrote for FreeRADIUS.

We also have a ISP billing package that would work as well that would
even allow you to do prepaid. http://www.ic-isp.com

> Do you maybe have some papers about your setup, some notes?

Not really, just followed some README's and reviewed mailing list
archives found by doing google searches.

> Thanks in advance
> Martin

Mike Machado
mike at innercite.com
InnerCite Inc.
Engineering Director / CTO

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