[Soekris] Watts/volts/power

Shane J Pearson shanep at ign.com.au
Tue May 20 00:20:24 UTC 2003

Hi Lutful,

Lutful Khan wrote:
> However, your battery could supply 50A if by chance there is a short 
> circuit on the Soekris board! So, you may want to add at least a 2A 
> automotive fuse.

This reminds me of something I heard while working for my local Telco.
They had rows and rows of very large 2V batteries in the basement,
configured to supply 50V DC to the exchange, should power off the street
fail. Basically served as a massive UPS.

They had twin large solid copper (maybe 1cm x 10cm) beams ("bus bar" or
otherwise affectionately known as buzz bar) routed thoughout the
exchange to supply power. In some parts these were covered in removable
rubber/plastic in others not.

One day, a tech was either bolting or unbolting bolts on a live bus bar
where beams were bolted together. He accidentaly shorted BOTH with a
non insulated shifting spanner...

The spanner instantly exploded in his hand, as if it were a very large
fuse wire, leaving molten metal in parts of the cooked flesh in his

So I think you're advice is good. It can mean the difference between
a blown 5c fuse and a Soekris board that has entire traces or parts
near the power, blown off the board.


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