[Soekris] Running NL2511 without attached antenna

Christiaens Joachim jchristi at oce.be
Sun May 18 19:23:34 UTC 2003

This only prves that highly efficient HF equipment (small housing, low heat,
high power) needs a well balaced output, being an antenna in this case. For
a short period, they can handle the situation without overheating maybe, but
the end-amps will lose efficiency in the long run and die eventually.

You would need a chip that is too 'big' for its task (wich is 200Mw over a
balanced antenna), lets say a 400Mw, to have the desired flexibility (99%
refelction) for an extended period. This is way to expensive (regarding the
small housing) for the few people who will (ab-)use the card in this manner.
Another technique is to dim the power when no good output is established,
but then you would have practically no signal at all in your situation (and
cold cards), so I guess it is not used.

Anyway, what does the manual say? If it says you can use it without antenna
and it breaks, just get a new one in warrantee, otherwise I would buy some
antennas or new cards (I will take the old ones for $1 a piece :-)

Fuses in my house don't make it ok to have short circuit all the time, it
just makes my house not catch fire in the event ;-)


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On Fri, May 09, 2003 at 11:14:50AM -0700, Casey Halverson wrote:
> Most modern flea-power/low powered radio circuitry can handle a
> full open (100% reflection).  The NL2511 is no exception.  Don't worry
> about it.

  I met somebody the other day who told me all the 200mW 802.11b radios
  his officemates had run for a long time without antennas will are now
  ruined. He had just discovered his Apple Airport card, which had come
  disconnected from the internal antenna, would not work any longer with
  or without the antenna. This is not conclusive, but I *will* worry. =)


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