[Soekris] Watts/volts/power

Michael DeMan michael at staff.openaccess.org
Sat May 17 17:56:09 UTC 2003

Hi All,

We have a location with Soekris gear and a bunch of other 12 volt equipment.
Our enclosure is packed with 6 power bricks now.  We are thinking of going
to a deep-cycle 12 volt battery for power instead.  Basically the same kind
of stuff used on boats.

I am wondering if there could be issues of the big battery creating too

In particular, I notice Soekris specifications say '10 watts max'.

I know nothing about electricity and am hoping somebody here on the list

(A) will there be problems plugging equipment directly into a battery like
this?  There will be fuses, but no regulators.

(B) Is there some way we can build or buy a piece of equipment that would
moderate the watts to the units?


- Mike

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