[Soekris] packet drops at 100baseT

Raymond Hall kovalski at msg.com.mx
Thu May 15 03:01:43 UTC 2003


Soekris 4521, linux 2.4.18 native natsemi driver (non soekris)

I'm loosing 46% packets on a 50m cable run @ 100baseTx-FD (also w/HD)
If I force the link to 10baseT-FD everything's OK
I've tested the link with my laptop and it's OK.
the worst part is that if i cross the eth cable and test the link from
my lap to the soekris everything ok too, but the problem arises when
connecting to a hub or a switch (3com, cajun, cnet)
I also tried the test with short cables and the problem remains, so it
is the soekris-switch/hub link that is failing @ 100baseTx
any ideas?

Raymond Hall
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