[Soekris] Screams of frustration were heard...

Michael DeMan michael at staff.openaccess.org
Tue May 6 22:33:11 UTC 2003

On 5/6/03 2:19 PM, "Stephen Milton" <milton at isomedia.com> wrote:

> Hello Michael,
> Is that speed accomplished between two Soekris units?  Or between two
> other units with the Soekris in between?  Or between another unit and
> the Soekris?

It was done from a fast machine running IPSec, through a Soekris unit
running IPSec, and to another machine behind it.

I used nettest in the BSD ports tree to test.

If you test directly on the Soekris box your testing software will be CPU

For instance, nettest with Soekris (no IPSec) in between delivers 50Mbit
straight throughput.

Nettest run on the Soekris itself with identical configuration delivers
17Mbit max because the CPU is busy actually running the test software.

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