[Soekris] PPC... GEODE... MIPS...

Lutful Khan lkhan at radialink.com
Thu Jul 31 01:28:24 UTC 2003

> But x86 was VERY useful... it got home pc's into peoples homes and 
out of the lab's and offices only.  Like CP/M, it was a needed step, 
but it's time to take the next step... we've been on this step for 20 
years now..

Intel, AMD and others are making sure that x86 will live on for 
another 20 years! Billions of dollars can't be wrong. 

If we look at real profits being made by real businessman, this is how 
the top 5 CPU classes line up. 

x86 -- Intel/AMD/Via/SiS/NatSemi(Geode)
PPC -- IBM;Motorola;some SoC
Sparc -- Sun;Samsung?;a handful SoC
ARM -- Intel(StrongArm/XScale); TOO MANY SoC
MIPS -- AMD(Alchemy);NEC;PMC;Broadcom; many SoC

The x86 has been way ahead of the pack and may continue to be even 
after we all switch to Linux/BSD.

> I used to build control systems years back, and used the Z80 CPU.  
> It was the fastest CPU until the 286 came out.  You used to have to 
> slow down the serial port to interface a 8080/8088 to it.

Most commodity WiFi access points  have switched to the $10 Ubicom 
IP2022 which started life as a PIC compatible 8-bit microcontroller. 

It is so fast and deterministic that Ethernet MAC AND PHY are both 
done in pure software!

However, it is really not fair to compare such an I/O procesing feat 
with the abilities of a general purpose 32/64 bit CPU.


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