[Soekris] PPC... GEODE... MIPS...

Lutful Khan lkhan at radialink.com
Wed Jul 30 21:19:58 UTC 2003

For now, the Atheros HAL binary runs ONLY on x86, so here are two x86 
compatible options for low power and better performance than Geode.

1] SiS 55x 266Mhz series claims 2-3 Watts consumption for ~140% of 
Geode 300Mhz performance. Can someone check Atheros performance on SiS 

2] Transmeta Crusoe TM5500-667Mhz claims 5-6W for ~300% of Geode's 
performance. It is a true RISC machine emulating x86, but Sam 
Leffler's binary should still run. Does someone have a crusoe laptop 
to give it a try?


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