[Soekris] FreeBSD and Atheros

Bruce A. Mah bmah at acm.org
Wed Jul 30 16:28:20 UTC 2003

If memory serves me right, Marcin Jessa wrote:

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> Would it be possible to recompile the latest wlan driver with
> atheros support on 5.1 -RELEASE?

Based on my recollection of the commit logs, much more would be
involved than just dropping in some new C source files.  I believe
that Sam (who is obviously free to correct me) rewrote large portions
of the 802.11 support layer to allow the ath driver to work.

> -CURRENT is just impossible to
> compile. It fails all the time and I would never dare to run it on
> production server.

I run -CURRENT on three machines (one of them is my laptop) but
depending on your needs it might not be right for you.  It's not clear
that 5.1-RELEASE suits your requirements either...have you looked
through the Early Adopters Guide for 5.X?

> Is there any mailing list for FreeBSD's atheros
> support?

While not specifically for this purpose, discussions about FreeBSD
wireless networking support usually happen on freebsd-mobile at .  This
discussion would probably be better carried out there or on
freebsd-current at .


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