[Soekris] 4501 doesn't boot

Punky Tse punkytse at punknix.com
Wed Jul 30 15:50:06 UTC 2003

Happy-Connect wrote:

>Hi Punky,
>I have exactly the same experience with a net4511 board. After
>unplugging/plugging the 5Volt power supply a number of times the board
>died. I have a power over Ethernet power supply, but the behavior of the
>board is the same. Both on external power and PoE the board does not
>boot anymore.
>I have measured the 3.3Volt supply and its there. Also, as you describe,
>the Ethernet chips and the processor seem to be running hotter than
>normal. I have another 20 board from Soekris to compare. I have found
>that cooling the CPU with cooling spray sometimes brings the board back
>to live. But after a few seconds it dies again.
>So I have declared my net4511 board officially dead... :-( unless
>someone on this list knows how to fix this problem.
>Kind regards, Ivo van Ling

Just more info.  When I plug in the power, only the three ethernet chips 
(natsemi) are hot while the CPU stays cool.  I compare the condition 
with a 4521 and both ethernet chips and CPU are also hot, but not hotter 
than the defective 4501.  The power and activity LED is on, and the link 
and act LED in Eth1 and Eth2 are on.  But error LED and link and act LED 
of Eth0 is off.  Does your board have the same behaviour?


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