[Soekris] 4501 doesn't boot

Happy-Connect ivanling at happy-connect.com
Wed Jul 30 10:25:17 UTC 2003


All my 20 boards run in the same configuration:

 - Soekris net4511 with a Senoa wireless PC card

I never had any PCI card attached to the board, or any of the other
boards. This net4511 just died on me. I have been measuring the
voltages, as I expected something to have happened to the power supply,
especially after Punky described his problem on the list. As I do not
have any schematics I am comparing the voltages of the damaged board to
a working one. However I have not found any differences yet, other that
that the board does not boot anymore.

Getting an oscilloscope out to start measuring things is probably more
expensive that buying a new board from Soekris. Maybe I will send the
board back to them so they can analyze what happened?


Ivo van Ling 

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On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 11:07:31AM +0200, Happy-Connect wrote:
> Hi Punky,
> I have exactly the same experience with a net4511 board. After
> unplugging/plugging the 5Volt power supply a number of times the board
> died. I have a power over Ethernet power supply, but the behavior of
> board is the same. Both on external power and PoE the board does not
> boot anymore.
> I have measured the 3.3Volt supply and its there. Also, as you
> the Ethernet chips and the processor seem to be running hotter than
> normal. I have another 20 board from Soekris to compare. I have found
> that cooling the CPU with cooling spray sometimes brings the board
> to live. But after a few seconds it dies again.

Well - it can be a defect CPU, but cooling down the CPU and part around
also can make them more tollerant to the real cause.

> So I have declared my net4511 board officially dead... :-( unless
> someone on this list knows how to fix this problem.

What is about the other voltages?
If it's not voltage, then you need at least an oscilloscope to measure
the ongoing points, but I never had any problem here.
My expirience with the volatage cicuits also only come from damaging
them with a bad PCI card - it was not the boards fault to die.

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