[Soekris] 4501 doesn't boot

Happy-Connect ivanling at happy-connect.com
Wed Jul 30 09:07:31 UTC 2003

Hi Punky,

I have exactly the same experience with a net4511 board. After
unplugging/plugging the 5Volt power supply a number of times the board
died. I have a power over Ethernet power supply, but the behavior of the
board is the same. Both on external power and PoE the board does not
boot anymore.

I have measured the 3.3Volt supply and its there. Also, as you describe,
the Ethernet chips and the processor seem to be running hotter than
normal. I have another 20 board from Soekris to compare. I have found
that cooling the CPU with cooling spray sometimes brings the board back
to live. But after a few seconds it dies again.

So I have declared my net4511 board officially dead... :-( unless
someone on this list knows how to fix this problem.

Kind regards, Ivo van Ling

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Bernd Walter wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 26, 2003 at 12:13:28AM +0800, Punky Tse wrote:
>>Punky Tse wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>After a series of plug-and-unplug of power for rebooting, my working 
>>>4501 cannot be boot again.  Could anybody know how could it be 
>>>recover?  What I can now see is that when I plug the power supply, 
>>>both power and activity led are on.  But by my experience, the power 
>>>led would be on and the error led will also be on for a few 
>>>seconds.... and there is no data come from serial port when I plug
>>>power.  It seemed that I have broken my board.  Anybody here has this

>>>experience before?  I am very upset at the moment... 
>>what I can find now is that Net1 and Net2 interface has both link and 
>>act are on, and the three network interface chipset is very hot.  
>>Anybody could offer help?
> The Ethernet chips get warm under normal conditions.
> You should first check if the voltages are OK.
> You can measure the 3.3V at L1 on the pin at the side located to the
> RAM chips, the other voltages and GND are available on JP9.

I am now declaring my 4501 board dead :-(.  When I have a PoE adpater or

5V power supply on JP9, I will try again.


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